Coventry Sports Network

About Us

Work to develop the Coventry Sports Strategy 2014 - 2024 started with a detailed review of current sporting provision in the city. The findings of this review were then considered, taking into account various local, regional and national strategies.

In 2012, local people were asked to take part in the Coventry Sports and Leisure Survey. The survey attracted 1,532 responses and provided valuable insight into which sports are enjoyed by people in Coventry, where they take part and their satisfaction with local facilities.

Assessments of the city’s indoor sports facilities and outdoor playing pitches were also carried out. These assessments provided a detailed picture of current indoor and outdoor sports provision in Coventry, showing the number, location, quality and use of the city’s indoor facilities and pitches. Discussions with key stakeholders and partners further informed and shaped the Strategy, until eight Vision Aims and 37 supporting Strategic Objectives emerged. The Vision Aims will remain constant, whilst the Strategic Objectives should continue to evolve in response to changes in the local, regional and national context. A Coventry Sports Network will manage and monitor the implementation of the Strategy and will work with sporting partners, clubs and organisations to develop and deliver specific action plans.

Coventry is looking to build upon the significant investment that it has made in sport over the last 10 years. This Strategy will ensure that the city continues to grow and improve its sporting structures and the opportunities and experiences they offer, ensuring that the benefits of sport are seen across all aspects of city life.