Coventry Sports Network


We will all know when Coventry looks and feels like a successful sporting city…

The city was a proud host venue for the London 2012 Olympic Games and we will continue to build upon the success and momentum that it created within all of our communities. Successful sport in our city will start in the playground with active, healthy children and move through all levels and ages to include talented individuals and teams, identified and nurtured locally, achieving success at the highest national and international levels.

Coventry as a successful sports city will have many thousands of people whose lives are being enhanced by their involvement in sport and physical activity. We will have schools that value this, thereby allowing young people to discover and develop their talent and interest. Our clubs will be inclusive, welcoming and ambitious, sitting at the heart of their communities and being led by a team of volunteers who feel valued and truly proud of their contribution and the results of their efforts.

Coventry will be an active city for all ages and in all communities, and sport and physical activity will be embedded in all aspects of city life, playing a central role in making Coventry a wonderful place to live, work and visit
David Moorcroft OBE
David Moorcroft OBE Former 5,000m World Record Holder Coventry