Coventry Sports Network


A detailed review of current sporting provision in Coventry has been carried out and the findings considered, taking into account various local, regional and national strategies.

The Coventry Sports and Leisure Survey has also provided valuable insight into which sports are enjoyed by people, where they take part and their satisfaction with local facilities. Detailed assessments of Coventry’s indoor sports facilities and outdoor playing pitches have also provided a picture of the number, location, quality and current use of the city’s facilities and pitches. The Key Findings that have emerged from these studies are summarised below.

Indoor Facilities Assessment Report

  • The quality of indoor facilities varies greatly - from those that are of ‘very poor’ quality to those that are ‘very good’ quality
  • Many of the city’s indoor facilities are located within schools, which offer varying levels of community use
  • Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre and Foleshill Sports and Leisure Centre are both no longer ‘fit for purpose’
  • Funding currently being used to support these ageing public sports facilities could be used to invest in new, modern facilities
  • Swimming pool provision across the city will need to be considered in light of the proposed closure of Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre

Playing Pitch Assessment Report

  • The city wide use of playing pitches should be coordinated and managed more effectively
  • Future investment in pitches will be required to meet the expected growth in Coventry’s population
  • The development of larger clubs should be encouraged so that more play can be effectively managed on fewer sites
  • Pitches at education sites should be managed in ways that make them easier for the community to access
  • Some community club house / changing facilities need improving to encourage more juniors and females to take part
  • Some clubs have concerns over the long-term future of their sports facilities and pitches

Coventry Sports and Leisure Survey and Associated Research

  • In Coventry, the proportion of women regularly taking part in sport is less than half that of men
  • The proportion of disabled people taking part in sport in the city is less than both national and regional averages
  • The sports that people most take part in are keep fit / gym; football; swimming; athletics; and cycling
  • Swimming and keep fit / gym are the sports that attract the most people from all backgrounds
  • Swimming is the activity most likely to encourage new participation
  • The Xcel Leisure Centre and Alan Higgs Centre are the public sports centres that draw the highest levels of satisfaction
  • Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre and Foleshill Sports and Leisure Centre are the public sports centres that draw the lowest levels of satisfaction