Coventry Sports Network

To inspire more people to volunteer, coach and be facilitators of sport

Volunteers, coaches and officials (e.g. referees) are the life blood of sport and without them, taking part, improving and competing in sport would not be possible for many people. The proportion of adults in Coventry now volunteering in sport is lower than the national and regional averages.

Volunteers are vital for leagues to run smoothly and clubs to survive and thrive in their local communities. There is a need to increase the levels of investment and support offered to those adults who are prepared and able to give their time to be volunteers, coaches and facilitators of sport, along with a need for improved structures to coordinate their efforts. There is also a need for initiatives and structures that will inspire and support the next generation of young people to become the future volunteers, coaches and facilitators of sport.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To establish a funding and investment programme to encourage and develop new and existing volunteers, coaches and facilitators of sport.
  2. To increase the number of adults volunteering in sport for at least one hour per week to a level higher than national and regional averages.
  3. To deliver initiatives that support and develop children and young people as volunteers, coaches and facilitators of sport.
  4. To create and be actively operating a sports volunteering network within the city.
  5. To create a comprehensive club, volunteer and coach education programme that includes pathways to employment.
A photo representing this vision aim.
As a London 2012 Coventry Ambassador, I was so delighted at being chosen to volunteer and be part of an Olympic Games that I have continued to volunteer at other sporting events.

I would always encourage others to volunteer in sport - it is an amazing experience!
Sheila Grainger
Sheila GraingerTeam LeaderCoventry Ambassador