Coventry Sports Network

To provide a range of modern, accessible and high quality sports facilities in the city

Coventry has made significant investment in its public sports and leisure facilities over the last ten years, but the city still has some facilities that require improvement or replacement. Foleshill Sports and Leisure Centre and Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre are no longer fit for purpose.

Foleshill Sports and Leisure Centre is due to close in August 2014 upon the opening of new facilities at Centre AT7, but there is still a clear need to invest in public sports and leisure facilities in the city centre. There is an opportunity to use the money currently used to support the running of Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre to build a new and more modern city centre facility.

Investment in outdoor sports facilities must be focused towards education sites that are accessible to local communities and towards larger club and community ‘hub’ playing pitch sites.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To develop city centre sports and leisure facilities that are accessible, high quality, sustainable and of significance to the Midlands.
  2. To invest in the development of sports and leisure facilities where justified by demand, strategic programming needs and financial sustainability.
  3. To provide accessible and high quality outdoor sports, leisure and ancillary facilities across the city.
  4. To support sports clubs, venues and schools to secure a total of £4m of investment into their community sports facilities.
  5. To partner with National Governing Bodies and funding agencies to support the development of facilities for Coventry’s key sports.
A photo representing this vision aim.
Building on the success of the last ten years, the continued development of public sports facilities in the city is essential.

We need to ensure that people from all over the city can access, afford and enjoy sporting activities in a modern and high quality environment.
Paul Breed
Paul BreedChief ExecutiveCoventry Sports Foundation