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Vision Aim 8

Vision Aim 7

For sport to make Coventry a better place to live, work and visit

Taking part in sport has clear health benefits, but also provides opportunities to improve social inclusion and cohesion within and between communities. Sport has a major part to play in raising Coventry’s profile nationally and internationally, by attracting major events to the city, and is also at the heart of the city’s cultural, tourism and heritage offers – all of which increase visitor numbers and bring economic benefit to the city.

Finally, sport is a driver for regeneration - both in reshaping and redefining the physical landscape of the city; and in helping to provide training and employment opportunities for local people.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To actively demonstrate the positive impact that regular sports participation has in addressing public health inequalities in the city.
  2. To harness the power of sport to promote and encourage social inclusion and community cohesion within the city.
  3. To connect sport to the city’s cultural, heritage, events and tourism offers.
  4. To increase visitor numbers and secure economic benefit from hosting high-profile sporting events.
  5. To ensure that all proposed regeneration schemes within the city consider the potential for incorporating sustainable sporting provision.
  6. To increase training and employment within the city as a consequence of investment in sport.
A photo representing this vision aim.
Sport is important in tackling Coventry’s health inequalities by promoting a more social and physical lifestyle.

Attracting high profile sporting events to our city also forms part of our ambition to kickstart the economy and create a place where people are proud to live and work.
Councillor Ed Ruane
Councillor Ed RuaneCabinet MemberCoventry City Council